BAH: (242) 326 4800
USA: (305) 600 3357

Elizabeth Mackay, BRI

Exclusive Sales Agent & Property Manager
Tel. Number (Mobile): 
(242) 557-9567
Tel. Number (Office): 
(242) 326-4800
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Elizabeth approaches the business of real estate with a genuine desire to support sellers through the process of preparing, listing, marketing and ultimately closing the sale of their home. After learning and working in all aspects of real estate, Liz has chosen to focus on exclusive representation of sellers. She says, 'People think real estate is easy and we make tons of money doing very little - this is totally inaccurate. In real estate you can work very hard and have surprisingly little to show for it. I think this happens where agents are not focused and do not offer expert advice to their sellers and buyers. I want to avoid this at all costs. I am allergic to mediocrity; so I've chosen the path of specialization. By being an exclusive listing agent I learn and convey a level of knowledge and expertise rarely encountered in young agents - this is my ultimate desire - to provide a level of service and support to sellers that far exceeds their expectations - this is fulfillment for me.'

Elizabeth writes a blog ( and monthly newsletter with useful information on all aspects of the sales process. A teacher at heart, Liz is Your REP (Real Estate Professor); her blog informs and educates. It focuses on all aspects of selling single-family homes, condos, gated-communities and waterfront developments in western New Providence.

She happily serves on the Education Committee of the Bahamas Real Estate Association.