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Michelangela Vismara

European (Italian) Consultant

Following her passion to discover the world and getting acquainted with different cultures Michelangela starts her professional path at Air France airline based in Milan and after various experiences abroad Michelangela requested by Swissair, is appointed manager of the VIP loyalty program.

Air France has then recalled Michelangela for the opening of its airline TO - Jet Tours branch company in Milan.
Selected as Country Manager for the representative office of the Ministry of Tourism for Italy, Greece and Italian Switzerland, Michelangela asserts the Bahamas as one of the most desired holiday and investment destination. During this period Michelangela enjoys travel for work and leisure within the majority of the Bahamas archipelago getting to know the spirit and diversity of each island.

As president of the CTO - Caribbean Tourism Organization Italian Chapter, representing 34 countries of the Caribbean area, Michelangela is in charge of the regional communication and promotion.
Co-founder and president of Vertex International Consulting, a strategic communication firm based in Milan founded in 1996 with a variety of multinational corporation and sovereign governments, the company constitutes the apex of an experience consolidated during her professional path.

Since its foundation Vertex has been successful in designing some of the most advanced strategic projects for branding, advocacy, institutional communication and education programs. In 2017 Michelangela is co founder of Akipa Partners in Lugano, a Swiss consulting company. Michelangela holds a Business Management in the Art World certificate, speaks fluently in English, French and Spanish.