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Baha Mar Effects On The Real Estate Market

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

On the latest episode of CACTV, we sat down with C.A.Christie's Managing Partner, Gavin Christie who talked to us about "BahaMar's Effect On The Real Estate Market". 

Mr. Christie began with saying that BahaMar will immediately impact the rental market. " A company of this size and magnitude will have a handful of executives and managers who will all need accommodations" said Mr.Christie, as he continued on how they would look more into gated cmmunities in the Cable Beach area, which has become a desired area to live since the announcment of BahaMar's opening. 

Mr. Christie also added that BahaMar will increase more airlift to The Bahamas, which will result in more buyers and renters, he also added that with BahaMar being owned by a well-known Asian company, it will open the door to more Asian investors.

Mr. Christie ended with saying, "we are elated that The BahaMar Resort is finally open, and believe that it will positively impact the local real estate market moving forward".

We here at C.A.Christie Real Estate also wish BahaMar Resorts sucess moving forward!


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