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Hurricane Facts

The Government of The Bahamas has a Disaster Management Committee composed of representatives from relevant Government Ministries and Departments and from the private sector. The Committee meets once a month throughout the year to discuss means to mitigate the impact of disasters, including hurricanes.

BahaMar and Development

Following C.A.Christie's Managing Partner Gavin Christie's episode on Baha Mar Effects On The Real Estate Market. We were able to sit down with the Founder and President of C.A.Christie, Charles Christie, who gave his views on BahaMar and its development. 

Mr. Christie started with the wonderful inpact that BahaMar will have on the Cable Beach area and the excitement it will bring to that area and the surrounding neighbourhoods. 

Baha Mar Effects On The Real Estate Market

On the latest episode of CACTV, we sat down with C.A.Christie's Managing Partner, Gavin Christie who talked to us about "BahaMar's Effect On The Real Estate Market". 

Mr. Christie began with saying that BahaMar will immediately impact the rental market. " A company of this size and magnitude will have a handful of executives and managers who will all need accommodations" said Mr.Christie, as he continued on how they would look more into gated cmmunities in the Cable Beach area, which has become a desired area to live since the announcment of BahaMar's opening. 

FDI An Important Boost To Property Values, Says Realtor

President of C.A. Christie Charles Christie explained to Guardian Business that property values have been on the rise as a result of a continued stream of foreign direct investment (FDI) in The Bahamas.

Christie said The Bahamas has always enjoyed the benefits of welcoming foreign investors who in most instances would purchase real estate, driving the value of properties up.

“It is happening... the values have been increasing,”he said.

“We had an interruption in 2008. The economy is rebounding. It is not where it was in 2008, but it is very close now.”

BahaMar Boosting Real Estate In Cable Beach

The anticipated soft opening of Baha Mar tomorrow appears to have boosted rentals in the vicinity of the $4.2 billion mega-resort and its opening is expected to have a significant impact on the Bahamian real estate market going forward, said President of C.A.Christie Real Estate Charles Christie.

In an interview with Guardian Business yesterday, Christie pointed out that people have started to show an interest in buying properties in Cable Beach and the general area around Baha Mar.

He contended that the opening of the resort would be significant to the real estate market.

Bahamas Real Estate Examination!


Today, is the beginning of the Bahamas (BREA) Real Estate Course, and we would like to wish C.A.Christie's own Gregory Watkins, Tori Smith, Chris Adderly and Jessica Thompson good luck! The course which ends on Friday with the future agents taking their examinations on Saturday. We at C.A.Christie would like to wish them success in their examintaions and a great week of the course!

Team Bahamas!

The Bahamas beat the United States last summer in an exhibition match. but the latter got them when it mattered the most — for fifth place in the C ONC ACAF (Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football) Beach Soccer Championships.


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