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Roberts Cay

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Private Island/Cay
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Ocean Views
Ocean Front
Beach Front
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Harbour Front
20.00 acres
"Roberts Cay"

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Private Island in Exuma

(Known as “Robert’s Cay”)

Cay No. 7


·        This Cay is approximately 20 -/+ Acres.

·        The Highest point above sea level is approximately 30 – 32 -/+ feet.

·        In the North Exuma Cays it is located approximately 28 miles, Southeast of Nassau.

·        Just a half mile South of Ship Channel Cay.

·        Located at 24  47.70 North and

                           76  50.30 West

·        It has an excellent harbor and good shelter from bad weather.

·        It has an underground rainwater tank.

·        Two beaches and various types of trees.

·        Various types of trees are planted throughout the Cay.

·        Ideal for Snorkeling and Deep Sea Fishing.

·        The island is excellent for private use or for development.