The Government has certain safeguards in place to protect its citizens in the workplace, with the intention of ensuring that qualified Bahamians are not passed over or denied jobs in favour of non Bahamians. In order to obtain a Work Permit, non-Bahamians must first obtain a position and have the prospective employer apply to the Immigration Department.

The Government has made certain provisions for employment and residence for suitable non Bahamians to ensure the continued economic growth and development of The Bahamas. An example of this is the International Persons Landholding Act 1994, which permits home-owner resident cards for qualified non Bahamians and their spouses and minor children. Permanent Residence Certificates – with and without the right to work – are available as well, providing certain investment requirements are met.

Also, as part of its National Investment Policy, the Bahamas Government has indicated that necessary work permits for key personnel will be granted.