When you have set your price and are ready to sell, your Real Estate Professional will help you complete a Listing Agreement. This agreement authorizes C.A. Christie to market your property under certain conditions, including but not limited to terms, price, commission and time period of the listing. When signed by both parties, this Listing Agreement becomes a contract between you and the broker.

The Marketing Process
Our experienced realtors will now start the wheels in motion to show your property or home to as many prospective buyers as possible.  We will place the highly visible and most-recognized C.A. Christie yard sign on your property.  The property will be advertised in local newspapers and publications on a regular basis.

Your property will also be displayed on our state of the art dynamic website, CAChristie.com.  The internet plays an ever-increasing role in the marketing of real estate. Traffic at CAChristie.com has increased dramatically over the past year with the launch of our new web platform. We advertise our site and link from many other popular sites so your property can be found with the least amount of clicks.

Our aim is to develop a marketing strategy exclusively to give your property high profile and get maximum value.